2024 Copa América in the U.S. to Distribute Record $72 Million in Prize Money

The 2024 Copa América is set to make history by distributing a record $72 million in participation fees and prize money to the competing teams, sources told ESPN.

This summer’s tournament will see the winning team take home a staggering $16 million, highlighting the growing significance and financial rewards of the competition.

2024 Copa América Prize Money

Every team participating in the tournament will receive a $2 million participation fee, ensuring that all teams benefit from their involvement. The remaining $40 million will be distributed as prize money, a substantial increase from the $19.5 million awarded in 2021 when Argentina emerged victorious with $6.5 million.

This year’s Copa América is co-organized by CONMEBOL and Concacaf, the respective confederations of South America and of North and Central America and the Caribbean.

The U.S. is hosting this expanded edition for the second time, following the Copa América Centenario in 2016. Back then, the total prize pool was $21.5 million, with $6.5 million awarded to winners Chile.

Teams reaching the quarterfinals will receive $2 million each in prize money. The fourth-place team will earn $4 million, the third-place team will receive $5 million, and the runner-up will take home $7 million. In addition to the prize money, the tournament will cover the costs for hotels, airfare, and ground transportation for all teams.

This substantial prize money offers significant incentives for participating players, adding to the prestige of the tournament.

For players from the United States, the stakes are even higher due to the latest Collective Bargaining Agreement signed in 2022.

Under this agreement, U.S. men stand to make 70% of any prize money awarded. Additionally, 9% of the prize money earned by the U.S. will go into a joint fund split evenly between the USMNT and USWNT members, with the U.S. Soccer Federation receiving the remaining 21%.

The 2024 Copa América promises to be a thrilling tournament, not only for the honor and glory of winning but also for the substantial financial rewards at stake. Fans and players alike can look forward to an exciting summer of top-tier soccer.

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